Laser Teeth Whitening Toronto

Get your teeth over 10 shades whiter with our non-invasive teeth whitening system in Toronto from $199!

  • Over 10 shades whiter in under 60 Minutes!

  • Non-Toxic & Non-Invasive

  • Painless, safe and quick

  • Perfect for people with sensitive teeth, red wine, tea and coffee drinkers and smokers

  • Contains the highest dental-grade ingredients

  • Safe for veneers, caps and crowns

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Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted in 1 Hour

Your smile has been voted the number one facial feature that people remember the most. Get your teeth 8-12 shades whiter with minimal to no sensitivity with the #1 Rated Laser Teeth Whitening System in Toronto!

NuLife Teeth Whitening Procedures

Until a couple of years ago, only dentist could perform teeth whitening treatments in Toronto using the “Zoom Teeth Whitening System”.

Today, all teeth whitening systems (except those containing fluoride) are considered cosmetic products, meaning that teeth whitening is now considered a cosmetic, non-invasive dental procedure approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest procedures, if done right.

NuLife Laser Teeth Whitening System uses state-of-the-art Laser technology in combination with the highest quality professional grade whitening agents to remove surface and/or subsurface stains from eating, drinking and smoking that leaves stains on or in the tooth enamel.

The Laser technology does not produce heat, but produces a blue light that triggers the whitening agents to enter the tooth enamel and lifts the stains.

The procedure is very simple. Gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue laser is placed directly in front of the client’s exposed teeth and runs for 15 minutes per treatment (for a maximum of 45 minutes).

We offer affordable teeth whitening treatments that work. Located in heart of the fashion district, King west Toronto.

NuLife Teeth Whitening Packages:

Depending on how white you would like your teeth to be, we offer 3 professional teeth whitening packages for you to choose from.

NuLife Teeth Whitening First Timer!

  • 3 back-to-back 15 minute sessions
  • Completed In Just 1 Hour
  • Whitening gel is applied 3 times every 15 minutes
  • Results range up to 12 shade
  • FDA Approved
  • Fluoride-Free

 NuLife Teeth Whitening Touch up!

  • 2 back to back 15 minutes sessions
  • Completed in Just 45 mins
  • Whitening gel applied 2 times every 15 minutes
  • Results range from 2-6 shades
  • Fluoride-Free

 NuLife Teeth Whitening Maintenance!

  • Recommended to those who touch up regularly
  • Maintain desired shade once it is achieved
  • Completed in Just 30mins
  • One 15 minute session
  • Results range from 2-4 shades
  • Fluoride-Free
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FAQs About NuLife Teeth Whitening

Yes! Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth is safe. In fact, many dentists consider teeth whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available. Our technology is very safe and cannot burn your skin or gums. The Laser light activates chemical compounds in the whitening agents. The most popular and best gel to whiten teeth is hydrogen peroxide (H202) because it’s highly effective and safe even for sensitive teeth. By combining the highest allowable hydrogen peroxide in our teeth whitening agents with Laser blue light technology, you will see great results.

A full teeth whitening laser treatment in Toronto takes 3 x 15 minute treatments for a total of 45 minutes. This formula produces guaranteed instant results.

The gel is a water-based product with an extra oxygen molecule (H2O2). The extra oxygen molecule helps to gently penetrate through the dentin and enamel removing the discoloured proteins.

Your teeth will typically whiten between 2-8 shades with a single treatment.

  • pregnant or lactating women
  • people with poor enamel or decalcification caused by excessive use of fluorides
  • people with periodontal disease including gingivitis or gums in poor condition
  • people who wear braces or who had their braces removed less than 6 months ago
  • people who recently had oral surgery
  • people with decaying teeth or exposed roots
  • people with a history of allergic reactions to peroxide products
  • people with silver fillings in near or behind the front teeth
  • people under the age of 13

Such conditions are rare so it can be assumed that over 90% of people can undergo and benefit from teeth whitening.

Most of our client experience absolutely no sensitivity with our treatment. Less than 5% of our clients may experience some sensitivity or gum irritation. Mild tissue (gum) irritation (a tingling or stinging sensation we mention in the guide) may occur during the whitening process, but this usually only occurs during the procedure and subsides completely shortly after finishing the treatment.

People with tiny cracks in their tooth enamel, any stage of dental carries, or very thin or porous enamel might experience tooth sensitivity from peroxide-based whitening gels. If you have gum disease or any open sores, we don’t recommend doing the treatment.  If sensitivity persists, use a toothpaste developed for sensitivity

Blanching (whitening of the gums) occurs occasionally. The gums return to their normal colour usually within less than 24 hours. Possible white spots or demineralization may appear on people who have had braces or who have porous enamel, but this will typically disappear within 24 hours.

Our teeth whitening treatment uses professional grade whitening agents combined with laser technology to give you the brightest whitest teeth possible. Store purchased whitening strips, toothpastes and gels use a lower concentration of whitening agents which does not effectively brighten your teeth the same way as our treatment. We have tons of experience in laser therapy of all sorts. Click here to go to our homepage.


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