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After 35 years of smoking and many attempts to quit, I decided to try laser wellness therapy. Upon having my treatment which is now 8 months ago, I haven’t bought a smoke since. So to reward myself for what I would have spent smoking per month, I went out and bought a New Car.

Victor S., Richmond Hill

I tried everything – cold turkey,pills, the patch. Nothing worked. I had my last cigarette right before my first laser treatment and haven’t smoked since. And I had no withdrawal symptoms. The follow-up treatments really helped too, especially since stress can still be a trigger.

Johnny K., Mississauga

I was amazed at how easy it was to stop smoking with NuLife Laser Clinic. I smoked for seven years and tried quitting every other way with bad results. I now recommend Laser because it works to every smoker I meet. Thank you for your help.

Sharon P., North York

My wife and I both tried the program, and during the first month I dropped 23 pounds. I feel great, have more energy, and have no more cravings. My original goal was to get from 209 lbs. down to 170 lbs. By September, I was at 185 lbs. and still losing. This program has changed my outlook on my eating habits and exercising. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to lose weight. Starting the program was the best decision my wife and I made. Our energy and self esteem are way up. I highly recommend the program.

Mary & Phil Z., Beaches

Life gets busy. Sometimes you don’t always make the right food choices or get to the gym as often as you know you should. As a result of that weight gain can creep up on you and before you know it you’re lugging around an extra 15-20 pounds. That’s what happened to me. I noticed it because I was having more joint and back pain that I had ever had. I had driven by NuLife on my way to work and thought I would give it a try. They helped me get back on track with my exercise program and really helped me outline an excellent nutrition program. In conjunction with the laser wellness therapy, I am happy to say I have lost the extra 20 pounds and have more energy than I did before. My back and joints are no longer in pain. Thanks for everything NuLife!

Russell C

I’ll be the first to admit, I indulged myself in having a good time when I was younger. Partied too much, ate way too much junk food and spent too much time in the sun without any protection. Seems that as I hit my 30s that I am paying for it. I have spots on my face I never had before, and I’m surprised when I look in the mirror at the face looking back at me. I ran into an old friend from university and she told me about Nulife laser and wellness clinic and their photofacials. I was amazed at the results and am so grateful there’s something to help reverse the damage I did! I’m older and wiser now, just not as weathered looking as I used to be. Thanks Nulife!

Heidi C.
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NULIFE LASER & WELLNESS CLINIC is a fully integrated outpatient healthcare clinic focusing on the health & wellness needs of working professionals in Downtown Toronto, Oakville and Woodbridge.
We provide a broad range of services including Laser Quit Smoking, Eliminate Withdrawals & Carvings for Drug and Alcohol, Laser Weight Loss & Metabolic Management, Acupuncture, Stress Management, Pain Management, Anxiety Treatment, Teeth Whitening and much more.
Some of our services are covered under most health and benefits programs.


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